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Christmas time is the most wonderful time of the year, but before the joy begins, we all partake in the shopping frenzy. Sure, It can be fun, it can be full of surprises, but at times when you just can't decide on the right gift, it's frankly frustrating. With this in mind, we have selected the perfect items, for the ideal person, meaning you can do all your shopping in one place and we have even slashed the price


If your looking to buy a great gift for someone who loves snuggling under a blanket, look no further than the 'Indoorsie' set. Under Smokey, woodsy Arabian Oud and sweet jammy English Rose scents, they'll be able to enjoy 'These Islands' as it takes the reader on a journey across the landscape, both natural and urban, that forms the British Isles.

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Give someone a nudge this Christmas and indulge in the 'It's all about me' collection. Enjoy Juniper berries paired with our Peruvian cacao from Mast Brothers and look after your skin with the Jasmine Body Oil from Herbivore. 

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We all know a designer, but don't always know what's best for them. This year try the 'Designer' set from A Weathered Penny and let them enjoy design led jewellery whilst absorbing the very best style magazine, Cereal. Includes style, travel, music, film and much more...

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Buying for a best friend is never a struggle and this Christmas we have made it even easier. Gift thoughtfully this year with Smoke Chocolate (Make sure they share like a true friend) from Mast Brothers and the very beautiful Wave Ring. 

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Every circle of friends has "the" planner...the one who plans everything for you, all year round. Well now you can gift thoughtfully with 'The Planner' set. As a thank you they'll receive the aesthetically pleasing weekly planner, Mast Brothers Chocolate to indulge in whilst they plan your next holiday and beautiful earrings to style the night away.

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If your sister loves to visit museums and share her latest photography, we have the ideal gift...The 'Art School Sister' set is designed to elevate their designed status in style with the all new, bestselling Face Necklace and Earring set.

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Small gifts say the biggest gesture and this season we have the perfect Stocking Filler set. Give the gift of great style with the Circle Choker and Stacking Rings set, both in silver.

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Just because it's Christmas does not mean children should receive garish, cheaply made items. This Christmas our 'Little Dreamer' set is designed to give them a wonderland of style and the foundations to a great future. Included in the set are the 18k Gold Unicorn Necklace and the Nude coloured notebook.

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Let your mum know just how much you love her this Christmas with the 'Mum' set from A Weathered Penny. Delicious tasting chocolate and a beautiful handmade necklace. 

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